Full Name
Kalim Uddin
Job Title
Operations Manager
Glasgow City Council, Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability
Speaker Bio
I am currently responsible for the overall operational management of the Glasgow Operations Centre (GOC), the centre co-locates a number safety and security services from Glasgow City Council (GCC) and Police Scotland. I also manage a technical and engineering team who manage our CCTV and wireless radio infrastructure along with our GCC Comms Providers. The team prides itself on creating innovative technical solutions to support the delivery of our services. With over 16 years’ experience within the Community Safety, where I have managed and delivered a wide range of services and projects to the highest standard. With a background in youth and community development, I understand the needs of the communities in Glasgow and how we can use technology as an enabler to make our cities safer. I am a motivated and highly professional manager and pride myself on delivering results.
Kalim Uddin