Full Name
Steve Smith
Job Title
Principal Consultant
Fujitsu Services
Speaker Bio
Steve Smith has worked in the IT industry for approximately 30 years, the last 20 being almost exclusively within the data space. He is data lead within Fujitsu’s Consultancy practice, where he leads on customer data strategy conversations, as well as working on developing and enhancing Fujitsu’s data offerings and capabilities. He was the strategy lead on Fujitsu’s response into the 2020 UK National Data Strategy consultation.
For the past 12 months, Steve has been working with the Home Office and the Police to help shape their viewpoint on data, initially focusing on quality and how they move forward to meet the significant data challenges they now face. One of the outputs from this engagement was a presentation and supporting document, that was delivered by Jo Farrell (Chief Constable of Durham) and Aimee Reed (Director of Data, Metropolitan Police) to IMORCC (Information Management & Operational Requirements Co-ordinating Committee).
This data conversation with the Home Office has fed into the decision by the Police to move the thinking from tactical data fixes to much more strategic objectives to deliver their 2020 – 2030 vision through the creation of a Police Digital Service (PDS). This work was presented and articulated as the Police viewpoint at the 2021 Police Digital Summit in February and the PDS will start from April 2021. Steve continues to engage with the HO supporting their ideas around the structure of the PDSs data elements (Data Board and Data Office).
Steve Smith