Full Name
Mark McClusie
Job Title
Head of Investigations
Speaker Bio
Mark McClusie, Head of Investigations EMEA, served as a police officer for over 30 years in the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC and Police Service of Northern Ireland where he had responsibility for all digital forensic examinations and large-scale cyber investigations within Northern Ireland.
Mark has completed numerous forensic and cyber-crime training programs, is a Member of the British Computer Society and holds a Masters Degree in Cybercrime Forensics. He sat on various UK working groups in the areas of Digital Forensics, Child Protection, Cyber Crime, and was also involved in digital aspects of UK National Security, working in the fight against local, national and international terrorism.
Mark now supports many of Nuix’s activities around law enforcement and policing, offering first-hand experience to our law-enforcement and investigative customers, helping them to deal with the growing struggle of big data in investigations.
Mark McClusie