Full Name
Natalie Coull
Job Title
Head of Division of Cyber Security
Abertay University
Speaker Bio
Dr Natalie Coull is the Head of Division of Cyber Security in the School of Design and Informatics and has research interests in secure coding, digital watermarks and computer memory-based security concerns. She also teaches foundational programming and computer security to undergraduate students. Natalie is actively engaged in outreach, including promoting female participation in cyber security and leading a programme to provide Abertay student mentors for local school pupils as part of their National Progression Award in Cybersecurity.
Natalie is interested in exploring the role of computer games in cybersecurity training. In collaboration with Droman Crime Solutions Ltd., a leading strategic consultancy company in security and public safety, and Hyper Luminal, a serious games company, together with Dr Iain Donald, a serious games expert at Abertay, the team is developing a new kind of training environment to help the police deal with cybercrime.

Natalie gained a First Class Honours Degree in Business Computing at Abertay University and a Doctorate in technology-enhanced education at the University of St Andrews, which was followed by a Post-Doctoral post in the same area. Natalie was appointed as a Lecturer in Ethical Hacking in 2008 at Abertay.
Natalie Coull