Full Name
Mandy Haeburn-Little
Job Title
Chief Executive
Scottish Business Resilience Centre
Speaker Bio
Mandy Haeburn-Little became CEO of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) 8 years ago after a career in the private sector. SBRC is a key business partner to the single service Police Scotland and currently has seven workstreams which it delivers to prevent threat to business through a wide range of practical and innovative resilience solutions. Those workstreams are:
• CSSC advisory panel for Scotland
• SOC and CT awareness and prevention
• Retail and business crime prevention strategy
• Anti-illicit goods and counterfeiting prevention
• Secure transport and haulage
• Night-time economy and Best Bar None Scotland Board
• Cyber-crime prevention

Mandy remains CEO overall but, due to the scale of demand, her time is fully on cyber and digital leadership for partners and industry. Mandy is currently working on the design of several potential cyber centres in the UK, modelling the activity of SBRC.

Mandy co-chairs the Private Sector Element of the Scottish Government’s Cyber Resilience Strategy. She also chairs and participates in a number of other strategic Boards as follows:
• Chair of the Cyber Expert Group for Scotland
• Chair of the Scottish Law Enforcement’s Cyber Business Fusion Hub Committee.
• Key joint partner to the current “Cyber Quarter” City Deal with Abertay University (recently awarded £11.7m)
• Board member of the Scottish CSSC advisory panel.

SBRC has its own cyber services commercial division, Curious Frank, comprising ethical hacking students, which has been operating, offering innovative services to business for the last 5 years. Mandy leads this activity.
Mandy Haeburn-Little