In 2018 we were pleased to welcome

2019 Themes

Future of Government

- Citizens’ needs: Using data to understand demand 
- Policy: Scotland’s digital strategy 2019 
- Services: Designing from the ground up 
- Service delivery: Can councils become fully digital organisations? 
- Evidencing positive outcomes: What actual impacts has digital transformation had?
- Adapting to changing citizens’ needs: Why digital is not an endpoint

Future of Business

- Markets: What are Scotland’s sector strengths? 
- Enterprise: Using digital to grow Scotland’s businesses 
- Leadership: Can start-up company culture benefit other sectors? 
- Strategy: Is Scotland backing enduring and future businesses? 
- Investment: Targeting public sector support and growing private finance 
- Workforce: The changing nature of work 
- Disruption: Challenging the businesses of tomorrow

Future of Technology

- Health: From stethoscope to datascope 
- Education: From MOOCs to sticky campuses 
- Legal: The verdict on accessible justice 
- Security: Restoring trust in digital services 
- Built environment: Living in a digital world 
- Professional services: Digital disruption in law and finance 
- Food & Drink: Innovating Scotland’s brands 
- Transport: How connected is your journey?