There is a global data revolution taking place and every day the amount and range of data being produced increases. New tools and techniques are being developed to help realise the value from data and AI to society and the opportunities that come from using it well.

Scotland is fortunate to have some of the best data, and world leading expertise. With the recent AI Strategy for Scotland, and a dedicated Data Delivery Group (DDG), our vision is to use Scotland’s data to its full potential by driving innovation, improving public services and unlocking economic value – saving time, money and lives. 

While few other countries have the opportunity to link high quality, consistent data to deliver real-time analysis for public service improvement. The Data Vision for Scotland has the potential to save £1bn per year across the public sector, as well as stimulating £4bn of additional economic growth. 

However, too many organisations (and the people who control data) find caution easier than recognising the benefits which can be achieved by using data in a responsible, safe fashion. 

By attending Digital Scotland 2020, you will hear the latest developments on data-led services and the use of AI. We will explore the challenges and opportunities, and provide guidance and leadership which will help transform current practices so that effective use of data is engrained in all of our public services. 

               Key Themes

  • Data leadership and ownership 
  • Quality, capacity and capabilities of data 
  • Data sharing and availability across different functions 
  • Data security and creating trust with users