In a digital world and evolving environment, the demands on public services are changing, so too is the way in which organisations approach service design and delivery.

The Campbell Christie ‘Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services’ in 2011, highlights that empowering individuals and communities by involving them in the design and delivery of the services they use is integral to improving outcomes.

This approach is evident in ‘The Scottish Approach to Service Design’ (SAtSD), which aims to introduce new ways of working, using technology as an enabler to transform public service design from being organisation-led to service user-led.

By attending Digital Scotland 2020, you will hear the latest thinking on Scotland’s vision for futureproofing service design, exploring the collective responsibilities of the public sector in delivering services in a holistic and joined-up way which results in positive outcomes for communities and citizens.  

            Key Themes

  • Assessing services and recommendation for change
  • Principles of collaborative and joined-up services
  • Technology enabled platforms and shared services
  • Transitioning from legacy services to user-centred approaches
  • Citizen engagement strategy, trust and policy