With Heads of Terms and Governance structures now in place for many of the City Region Deals, FutureScot is delighted to announce our 2019-20 Digital Cities & Regions Conference series, which will continue to be at the forefront of discussion and engagement for national and local digital stakeholders as they map out their shared destinies together. As data techniques and computers become ever more sophisticated, it is surely a question of when, not if, many existing roles are automated and perhaps in the not-too-distant future our applications will run on an alternately-designed serverless architecture, as part of efforts to thwart the increasing intensity of cyber attacks.


Agreed nationally, and delivered locally, to meet local aspirations, City Region Deals are designed to be a multi-billion pound shot in the arm for Scotland’s low productivity economy and are set to radically transform the public-private investment space over the course of the next 20 years.

 Our Digital Cities & Regions Conferences will also challenge our leaders to think creatively, contingency plan and provide rigorous analysis of both the opportunity and threat landscapes which will play a vital part in shaping our collective economic fortunes; technology lights a path towards a successful future, based on high-value, high-growth knowledge economies.


If you want your voice to be heard join us for Digital Cities & Regions Conferences and play your part in deciding the digital future of Scotland.

Digital Cities & Regions

Glasgow City-Region Deal
09 October, University of Strathclyde, Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow

The Glasgow City Region Deal is the biggest ever investment in Glasgow and the Clyde Valley. Encompassing innovation, infrastructure and skills priorities across eight member authorities, a 20-year rolling programme of strategic economic growth projects and public investment will create thousands of new jobs and increase competitiveness for the region. A key aim is for the City Region is to create a Top 20 Global Digital Economy and grow the Glasgow Operations Centre in a bid to build a world-leading smart city based on publicly available data.

Aberdeen City-Region Deal
The Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen, Coming soon

Technology is playing an increasing part in legacy industries and Aberdeen – if it can harness the power of digital – stands to benefit from future opportunities provided by innovation in oil and gas. The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) is at the heart of the Aberdeen City Region Deal, which aims to maximise the benefits of data analytics applied to solve longstanding productivity questions within the industry. Digital performance gains will also enhance efforts by the National Decommissioning Centre to play its part in taking approximately 100 platforms and 7,500km of pipeline out of the UK Continental Shelf – with data visualisation techniques and supercomputing resources aiding the process.

Inverness & Highland City-Region Deal
Eden Court, Inverness, Coming soon

A £14m ‘Northern Innovation Hub’ dedicated to training up coders and promoting digital will play an vital part in the future development of the Inveress & Highland City-Region.

Alongside initiatives such as a Science Skills Academy – which aims to spur on the next generation of science and technology graduates – and a number of road and air transport improvement schemes, the £315m Deal is set to promote innovation, internationalisation and new partnerships between the Region’s many small businesses, positioning the region as the best digitally connected rural economy in Europe.

Ayrshire Growth Deal
Ayr Racecourse, Coming soon

The Ayrshire Growth Deal is set to unlock the economic potential of Scotland’s ‘sleeping giant’. East, North and South Ayrshire councils will work together on a £300m deal that will unlock around £2bn in private sector investment, create 13,000 new jobs and build around 100,000 sq m of business and innovation space. With a bold vision to develop a single economic development strategy for the whole of Ayrshire, with inclusive growth at its heart, the three partners aim to solve long-standing issues of economic underperformance and higher than average unemployment rates. Attracting aerospace and space projects into the government-owned Prestwick Airport will help position the region as an innovation hub.

Tay Cities Region
01 March 2019, V&A Dundee

A £700m investment programme – backed by UK and Scottish Government, with potential to leverage private sector investment – has galvanised local authorities across the Tay Cities Region in the wake of an historic waterfront development which is transforming the fortunes of Dundee.

A unique partnership between Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perth & Kinross, the Tay Cities Deal, signed in later 2018, marks a new era of strategic regional collaboration that will help solve long-standing productivity, infrastructure and social equity challenges across the region with technology underpinning much of the progress.

The Future of Edinburgh & SE Scotland
07 March 2019, Edinburgh City Chmabers

Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) puts technology right at the heart of the Edinburgh & South East Scotland City Region Deal, which will see a step change in the way universities collaborate with public and private sector partners in 2019. The city region has committed to training up 100,000 data scientists in the next 10 years as it bids to become the ‘data capital of Europe’; with a top five data science university in the world, Edinburgh & South East Scotland is well placed to deliver on an ambition to drive future economic growth and support the development of emerging and exciting new sectors.