Cyber Security Scotland 2020 is the flagship forum for public sector stakeholders to expand on the current and future challenges posed by evolving digital services.
In the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the acceleration of digital networks and data led services, the threat of cyber-attacks on public sector organisations increases.
FutureScot’s 2020 conference will disseminate the latest thinking and thought leadership for public sector organisations to prevent, identify and respond to cyber threats. 
This year’s conference will serve as a reminder to delegates of the need to bolster cyber security. Highlighting national level incidents through to internet safety and relatively simple low-level techniques and well-known malware that exploits weaknesses in out of date software.
Welcoming government officials and senior stakeholders from across the wider public sector, we look to move away from fear-based cyber security approaches, and narrowing the divide of understanding between technical experts and the wider workforce. After all Cyber security is central to an organisation's health and resilience, and this places it firmly within the responsibility of senior decision makers.

  • Latest government thinking and preparing for a new Cyber Resilience strategy for Scotland
  • Cloud security principals
  • Understanding & mitigating the latest cyber threats to the public sector
  • Risk management fundamentals
  • Culture change - phishing as a whole-organisation challenge
  • Protecting bulk data and future proofing your systems
  • Digital service security – excellence in design, build and operation

Cyber Security Scotland is the leading forum for senior public-sector ICT security professionals and industry suppliers / partners, providing security and resilience across the public estate, networks and digital services. Delegates at previous conferences have been drawn from central government, local government, police and emergency services, health services and further/higher education.

Key audience:

Audit and Risk Manager
Chief Digital Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Solicitor & Monitoring Officer
CIO & Director of Digital and Informaiton Services
Customer Service & Partnership Manager
Cyber Security Consultant
Cyber Security Manager
Cyber Security Officer
Cybercrime Analyst
Cybercrime Digital & IT Project Manager 
Data Architect
Detective Constable
Detective Inspector Cybercrime  
Digital & Technical Service Manager
Digital Enablement
Digital Health and Care Strategic Lead Clinical Informatics Adviser 
Digital Services Manager
Digital Support Officer
Digital Team Leader
Digital Transformation Lead
Digital Transformation Manager
Emergency Planner 
Executive Director of Resources
Forensic Computer Analyst
Head of Applications & Development 
Head of Cybersecurity and Resilience 
Head of Digital Services
Head of Digital Transformation Head of IT Operations 
Head of ICT
Head of ICT and Digital Enablement
Head of IT - Planning, Governance & Compliance 
Head of Operations
Head of Resources and Governance
Head of Service - Customer and Digital Services Technology & Information Manager
ICT Compliance and Security Officer
ICT Manager
ICT Security Manager
ICT Security Officer
ICT Support Technical Escalation
Information & Records Manager
Information Governance and Security Lead 
Information Security and Digital Risk Officer 
Information Security Manager
Head of ISD Security and Accreditation 
IT Security Manager
IT Specialist - Information Security
Policy Officer
Procurement Manager
Scottish Connections- International Strategy Team
Security and Information Risk Advisor
Service Delivery Manager (Security)
Service Lead - Digital Transformation
Service Manager - Digital Enablement and IT ICT Enterprise Architect
Team Manager - Infrastructure & Security Enterprise Architect
Head of Infomration & Cyber Security 
Cyber Security Architect
Chief Information Security Officer 
Head of Cybercrime 
IT Security Officer 
ICT Enterprise Architect

New report reveals UK as world leader in online safety innovation
A study published this week shows significant growth of ‘safety tech’ businesses and their importance in plans to make UK the safest place to be online. Read.

Cyber review may spell end for Huawei 5G deal
The National Cyber Security Centre in the UK is expected to conclude that US sanctions against Huawei will make it impossible to use the Chinese company’s technology as planned for 5G networks. Read.

UK Manufacturing most attacked industry as cyber criminals innovate and automate attacks
Cyber criminals are evolving their tradecraft with new innovations and increasingly automating their attacks. In the UK and Ireland, Manufacturing became the most attacked sector representing almost a third of all attacks, while Technology was the most attacked sector globally. Read.

Tycoon ransomware poses new threat to education, IT organisations
A new Java-based ransomware strain dubbed ‘Tycoon’ is being deployed using an uncommon data format in an effort to evade security defences.
According to research published by BlackBerry Threat Intelligence, in partnership with KPMG’s UK Cyber Response team, Tycoon is a multi-platform ransomware targeting both Windows and Linux devices.
The malware, first seen in the wild in December 2019, is deployed in the form of trojanised Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and leverages an obscure Java image in an attempt to “fly under the radar”.

Covid-19 Notice

The health and wellbeing of our stakeholders are of paramount importance, we have therefore placed health and safety at the heart of all of our conference planning.

As well as continually monitoring UK and Scottish Government advice on events, we are actively engaging with key authorities and conference partners to ensure each conference is delivered in a controlled manner, in a sanitised conference venue environment managed by event industry professionals and adhering to the very latest guidance. All participants will be provided with our health and safety guidance in advance and during the conference.

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