Orion Health is a global leader in healthcare technology with over 25 years’ experience working with national healthcare systems, authorities and regulators worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of clinicians in more than 30 countries use our healthcare information technology solutions every day to improve clinical workflow, decision-making and patient care for more than 100 million patients in our award-winning systems. We offer population health solutions across the whole health and care landscape, from data integration and care pathways to medicines management, analytics and patient engagement. Empower your health and care professionals to deliver improved outcomes and patient experience, underpinned by an integrated digital care record.
In Scotland, Orion Health is working with eleven of the fourteen regional NHS boards, as well as Golden Jubilee National Hospital. Projects include the Anticipatory Care Plan (ACP) and Medicines Management at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, The North of Scotland Care Portal and Patient Portal at Golden Jubilee National Hospital.

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InterSystems is supporting healthcare transformation around the world making the vision of connected health and care a reality.
We enable every care provider in every care setting secure access to a shared electronic health and care record for each patient, giving them all available information to help them make quicker and safer decisions.
Our products combine complete information, intuitive workflow and embedded analytics to:
• Reduce unwarranted variation in care
• Promote adherence to consistent standards
• Provide evidence based clinical decision support
• Minimise reliance on remembering
• Improve patient outcomes
• Advance population health understanding and management
Creating an environment that enables informed patient engagement and facilitates easier access to services. Where you’re not only capturing and sharing information, but you’re able to immediately understand and act on that information through embedded analytics and decision support. Over 85 NHS Trusts and Boards are using InterSystems Technology to connect and share information between disparate clinical systems, we know connected care is improved care.

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We’re the UK leader in connected healthcare software and services. Through innovative IT, we’re giving healthcare professionals access to the information they need to provide better, faster and cost effective patient care. 
Working with over 10,000 organisations across every major healthcare setting – from GP surgeries to high street pharmacies, community, hospitals, and specialist services – we’re joining up healthcare. 
To deliver our vision of longer, healthier lives for everyone we have an OpenAPI model, based on NHS standards for messaging and interfaces and national terminology sets, and a strict governance model to ensure data security. This means we can interoperate with any other health or social care system to help you deliver truly integrated care.

New online system helps Scottish GPs manage coronavirus outbreak - Read more.

Alcuris is an award-winning assistive technology company backed by a highly experienced team.
Our vision is to prolong independence for users, provide positive reassurance for family and friends and actionable insight for providers and commissioners.
We do this by providing next generation telecare services built into our Memohub® suite which shift the traditional telecare focus on alarms to one that is more proactive and preventative while retaining reactive alarms as an optional safety net.
By putting relevant information in the hands of carers and families we expand the circle of care, reduce anxiety and increase the opportunities to ensure a minor event does not become a crisis.
For care providers, insight derived from data will improve care planning and review, ensuring optimum care is provided while at the same time providing more personalised services to users.
With a focus on prevention we delay demand for formal health and social care.

Visit: www.alcuris.co.uk

XenZone is an innovator in digital mental health. Established in 2001, we have delivered over 200,000 hours of online counselling and support to children, young people (CYP) and adults. Our CYP service, Kooth, is commissioned in 2 in 3 CCG areas across England and Wales. For over 18s Qwell helps meet the requirements of the Preventative Agenda. Both services complement existing face-to-face provision, with accessible support till 10pm 7 days a week, and clear pathways for referral into other services. Evaluation has proven our digital services can reduce demand for specialist services, have high user acceptance and demonstrable outcomes

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A “game changer!” – that’s the description of our new digital consent to treatment tools from the CDIO of a major London NHS Trust. Please come along to our stand and see why! With over 700 hospitals already using our informed consent to treatment content library, our new digital tools are set to change the consent landscape – the patient experience will improve significantly through ‘early learning’ about the procedure at home and no unnecessary time in hospital, informed consent will be more rigorous, more robust and more defensible with frequency of consent related claims and litigation payouts set to decrease.

Visit: www.eidohealthcare.com

Tactuum is a Scottish digital health and care solutions innovator with clients across the UK, and successful product export into six US healthcare systems across three states; Washington, Louisiana, Michigan - more coming!
In Scotland we have long standing, collaborative engagements with NHS 24, National Services Scotland, NHS Education for Scotland, Health Improvement Scotland, The Alliance and most of the regional health boards.  
We are working with some of the finest brains in Scotland on a number of R&D projects including organisations such as; The University of Edinburgh (The Usher Institute), University West of Scotland, University of Strathclyde and DHI.
We specialise in the design and delivery of digital services for; decision support, self-management, self-help, mobile app/connected devices, regulated (software) medical devices and have real-world, practical implementations using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. We are a certified Microsoft Partner with offices in Glasgow (head office), London and Seattle.

Visit: www.tactuum.com

WellSky (formerly known as JAC) is a leading provider of medicines management solutions with installations in over 250 hospital sites in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. WellSky’s medicines management platform draws upon decades of domain expertise and prioritises patient safety, operational efficiency and financial sustainability and includes WellSky EPMA, WellSky Pharmacy and WellSky Chemotherapy. Together they create an integrated workflow with easy links to PAS, EPR, ADT, financial and other related applications.
WellSky International is a wholly owned subsidiary of US based WellSky 

Visit: www.wellsky.com

OPEX Corporation provides state-of-the-art document imaging platforms and high-speed mailroom automation technologies. Our innovative ‘one-touch’ scanning approach, significantly increases customers processing speeds whilst transforming workflow efficiency and reducing arduous document preparation.

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Oxehealth gives clinicians, carers and custodians more time for hands on care where and when they are needed most. Oxehealth is an assistant for when you can't be there, paying attention to every room.
Oxehealth’s solutions can help staff prevent serious incidents, reduce the risk of falls, take spot check pulse rate & breathing rate measurements and understand patient behaviour better. Our software solutions use secure optical sensors to generate the alerts and reports clinicians, carers and custodians need, seamlessly slotted into their existing workflow. Oxehealth serves customers in mental health, police, prison, acute hospital, care home & homecare settings.

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