Spend the day with Scotland's leading educationalists and technology experts 

Why Attend
Four years on from its publication in 2016, the Digital Teaching and Learning Strategy is undergoing scrutiny: what has been achieved? Is it still relevant – given evolving technology and the impact now of COVID-19? Is the strategy serving the needs of young people? Is technology boosting attainment?
Education technology has never been more important, COVID-19 has pointed to the wealth of edtech resources at our disposal – and at the same time has underscored the need to ensure our educators and pupils have full access to great content that motivates and enthuses teachers and learners beyond the confines of the classroom.
Join leading experts as we debate current challenges and examine some of the revolutionary approaches that are enhancing traditional teaching methodology helping to equip teachers and young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed.

Key Themes

  • Digital and data education: supporting teachers, learners and empowering leaders of change
  • Transformation in action - a view from the digital coalface in Scottish education
  • From four walls to the Cloud: COVID-19 might have disrupted lessons, but it has provided a boost to innovative on-line learning
  • IOT: how an army of connected ‘things’ is set to put data directly into the hands of learners
  • Setting the bar in STEM education: national policy questions and driving improvements in the quality of teaching
  • STEM or STEAM – encouraging creativity in the classroom