Embedding cyber resilience within the public sector, supporting collaboration in the cyber innovation ecosystem and building a more trusted digital world

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Building world-leading public sector cyber resilience

Cyber resilience in the public sector has seen a significant ramping up in activity and focus. With UK government email and internet domains among the most ‘spoofed’ in the world, counter measures developed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – through its Active Cyber Defence programme - are now at the forefront of protecting digital public services across the UK and Scotland; the NCSC, which works closely with government agencies and police in Scotland, will reveal the latest policy and practical guidance on how the public sector can build greater cyber resilience across its own estate and by helping to strengthen online safety through the wider supply chain. This full-day conference is an opportunity to hear how government is rising to the growing challenge of protecting public services from an ever-increasing threat, but also how the private sector and academia are innovating to make Scotland a secure place to live, learn, and work.

Key themes:

  • Digital public sector resilience. Enhanced cyber cooperation and threat mitigation between public sector agencies and wider supply chain.
  • Building digital services that the public can trust: innovations in the design of communications networks.
  • Striking the balance between automation and the analyst: how AI can augment the work of humans in detecting and countering cyber threat.


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