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In Paris this year, a high-level gathering of higher education specialists from across Europe focused their minds on solving a key challenge: how to ensure universities can play a much greater part in national efforts to foster innovation.
New approaches founded on building strategic partnership between FE-HE and industry, aligning ever closer with national and local government socio-economic policy, and moving towards inter-disciplinary learning models - which sees the pooling of skills and talent from different subject areas to produce new insights - are starting to influence the way further and higher education institutions equip themselves for the future.
Campuses are being re-designed and re-imagined, borders between the student world and real world are coming down, and teachers and learners are starting to collaborate in innovative ways that offer a radical departure from the pedagogies of old.
Join our world-leading innovation experts who will take you through a Finnish 'design factory' concepts of learning, how 5G will fundamentally change life on campus, and how digital universities will change the way we teach and learn.
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2019 Speakers: